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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Keeping Up with Jonlivia - Long Active Hotpants (w/ pocket) & Slimming Shirt Shaper

Today I thought I would like to share some of the two products that I recently been needing to have, which is a hot pants, and also something to make me look slimmer in tighter shirt (at least by a little) which is the Slimming Shirt Shaper that I received. 

The products arrived just in time because I needed that motivation to exercise. No kidding, most of friends have been telling me and reminded me that I have grown fatter. T^T I guess it's obvious since most of them told me that. Some friends would go "Nah, you look better fatter" Lies. 
I did grew fatter because I've been on a really unhealthy diet, and I stopped gym for quite some time now because one semester after another, there are more work piling up and therefore... (more excuses piling up as well)

//Long Active Hotpants 

This semester, I have finally build up my motivation to resume to the 'healthier' lifestyle and having the long active hotpants with me now definitely aids up to my gym routine. Here's why :

It is made with Neoprene Fabric - hence letting you sweat even more than you usually do

One reason why it is recommended that you wear neoprene and exercise because it helps to increase its significant effectiveness due to the quality that will be able to elevate the body temperature to promote fat-burning even more compared to usual jogging pants. 

Tried and tested : I did not expect much from this material - because I assumed that it's all the same and now I get why it is called "hot pants". I like the material because it’s soft and really comfortable to wear. But the down part about the material is that it tends to be thicker hence I look fatter. I would honestly say that this is my personal problem that I need to work out more in this pants so I can see the difference from time to time.

Despite the word “hot pants”, it doesn’t mean that it literally burns when you wear it but it helps you to sweat even more than you realizing it. As it is neoprene material a.k.a synthetic base, the sweat cannot absorb into the pants. I did not know about it at first so I had a shock when I realized I was sweating a little crazier than usual. However, the down side of this material that I had a hard time washing the material because it does not absorb water hence making it hard to absorb anything at all. After a several washes I got the hang of it to handwash it and let it dry naturally. Be reminded that this hotpants is strictly not allowed to be washed in the washing machine. You won’t want to destroy your delicate pants J

PLUS! There's an inner pocket which is really convenient. It's enough for me to put my house keys in instead of holding it in my hands while I run/put cash :)
How to Wash : It's actually very simple but just make sure that YOU DO NOT WANT TO PUT IT INTO THE WASHING MACHINE. It is going to spoil because it is really delicate. What I usually do is i rinse it with warm water and hand wash it. :) It'll dry off in a day after hanging. 

Where To Purchase : Get it for RM188 @ and they are always having promo.
Click HERE for the direct link this pants :) 

//Woman Slimming Shirt Shaper 

I don't really have the habit of wearing tight-fitting clothes but when I do, this would help me out alot lol. It's really tiring to suck in your bulging tummy out all the time while you're wearing a tight dress/shirt, so this slimming shirt shaper will help you settle all these hassle and bonus part - gives you a curvy hour glass figure instantly due to the shaper's design.

Other than giving you the shape + sucking all your tummy fats, at the same time it does its job to burn those excessive fats around your tummy. It has self-heating effect eventhough it has a breathable material. It is uniquely design to firm panels while trim and tighten the stomach area.

It has very breathable material, and also it is stretchable. Some shaper tend to be more stiff as they really want you to get the shape but it's gonna take a toll on your body as it will be really uncomfortable. The difference on Jonlivia's Slimming Shirt is that they are very detailed in terms of the lining and quality, so they are wearable for long hours while they have self-heat ability for comfort and slimming effect. 

However, it is advisable to only wear it 2 times a day for 1-2 hours each. 
How to Wash : Hand wash with warm water, but usually I'll just use normal lukewarm water.
Where to Purchase : Get it for RM122 from their retail price RM200 which is really good bargain
Click HERE to direct you to the Slimming Shirt Shaper. :)

These came in for some time now and I have wearing them to try them out. I hereby apologize for the uber late review which I feel really bad about. However, there will be a Part Two which I'm currently preparing on their product, solely talking about the Phiro Back Support for those who hunch alot (me) that will be perfect for you! I will be linking it down below once it's done :D

Thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope you enjoy it!

Till then, E.
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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Glam Eyes with Barbie Eyesland Lenses!

I've only recalled myself wearing transparent lenses because even that, I had to be really careful with choosing the correct lenses for my eyes as I had history with a couple of brands before - And one even gave me corneal abrasion (simplified : it cut my eyeball). After that, I finally found the perfect lenses that did not give me discomfort but I've always wanted to try out lenses with colours despite the trauma :( 

Barbie Eyesland's lenses came in just in time for me because I didn't wanna try out colours that are too crazy (yet) and neither do I wanna buy lenses that are too wide, eventhough they do have the range from 14mm to 16mm :) Also, my eyes are really sensitive and dry so I can verdict if it's really suitable for dry eyes. Envy people with perfect eyes that is okay with any lenses T-T

 // Ordering Process
Ordering was so FREAKING EASY and they make sure to send you notifications on payments, done and tracking of your parcel. If you would like to know how to order, just click here and they'll show you the steps on how to purchase - really love how detailed and informative they are.

I actually wanted to add a "How to Order" steps but it has been clearly answered on their website, it's really that simple!

After payment, I've received the bill in my email, notification on Faceook Messenger and email as well to track my parcel with the tracking number. Super efficient, all happened in less than 12 hours!

In less than three days, I've already received my lenses even though they mentioned it's gonna take three days. 

// Box Opening

I love packaging like these because I like keeping boxes for other stashes huehuehue. Plus, I'm a sucker for pretty packaging so look at how princess-y the packaging of the lenses are! Not only that, they gave me three oreo-looking lens cases. Feeling really spoilt T-T (I buy transparent one also no free gifts like this lor) and also free candies :P

I got myself three pairs in three different colours - Oh My Pearl GREY, Oh My Soul GREY, Oh My Baby CHOCO

1. Oh My Baby Choco

Close shot.

This is the colour that I would wear out to uni/anyway all the time because it looks really natural even under sunlight. This would go well with light/heavy makeup plus in my opinion, I think it did make my eyes look clearer in a way!

2. Oh My Pearl Grey

Close shot. 
(At first I was wondering, why is this even called grey? It's brown what lol! K lah I don't understand the magic k) 

Something I would go for if I'm dressing up slightly better to uni (Because I usually just look sloppy and I'm too lazy to dress up) or even if I don't, I think this would look just fine. It looks really natural under the sunlight but it'll most probably be obvious in different angles. As you can see from the second picture is with lighting (indoors) and there's an obvious grey but still looking natural.  

3. Oh My Soul Grey

When I first opened and placed these lenses I went "OMG THE COLOURS SO PRETTYYYY" I don't think I have ever purchased lenses that has so many colours. I'm amused by coloured lens lol. 

I don't even have to go under the sunlight to show how intense and obvious the colour is!
This is my favourite among the three pairs mainly because it's my first time wearing such an obvious colour but I don't think so I will be wearing it out/ to uni unless I'm going for events haha. However, this will only look flattering on me if I have my full face makeup on, if not it's going to make my eyes bags and dark circles more appealing (eg : picture above) Neverthless, I still love this colour the most because it's really prettyyy!

// Verdict
I opened all of them the night before I tried them on, so I soaked them in the solution for one day. 
Be noted that my eyes are REALLY sensitive and dry. So verdict only comes from me may not be the same for you. 

Comfort Level : 8/10
Drying : A little (but alright after eye drop)
Discomfort : No

I won't say it's 100% comfortable for me because my eyes are more sensitive compared but if you know your eyes well enough and you think you are fine with any lenses, you are good to go! I would still purchase them in future because I really loveeee the colours and I would go back for more after I'm done with these three pairs :) Having a 8/10 is enough for my eyes because I hardly ever gotten lenses that are suitable for me.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this review. :)
They have various lenses for you to choose, with different colours and sizes as well.

Just make you check out their page at:
Facebook :
Wechat / Whatapsps📞: 011-33333010

Till then, E.
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Saturday, 13 May 2017

Makan with Loved Ones - Fanpekka Cafe by SDS (Mother's Day Special)

I am so happy that I'm finally up with another food review because most of the time whenever there's food review, I get to meet up with my favourite Ma Cherie girls and it's been a long time since we met. It's a nice feeling whenever you are able to devour yummy food with your friends :')

If you are from JB, I guess you've already visited the new Aeon Jusco Tebrau City which I absolutely LOVE because it changed so much!!! T-T I hardly visit JB anymore since I'm mostly up in KL but having so much changes makes me wanna return to JB even more hahahahaa #hypocrite 

A mini Ma Cherie reunion among us and meet up with new blogger friends! :D
(We tried to mimic A-Li's expression but we just look possessed hahahaha)

Oh look, how much you've changed :'D
Looking crowded because everyone's registering for their bookings for Mother's Day celebration!
I stumbled upon Fanpekka the first time I visited Jusco after renovation and it's the only SDS with Fanpekka and it's in Jusco and I really love how it turned out! This SDS looks entirely different from the rest, which I love. The colour blue makes the entire looking very soothing to dine in heh heh. 

Okayokay back to the topic. Hahaha so I went for food review with my girls, SDS is having Mother's Day set - which you can bring your mom and your entire family for a treat! (Test test for you okay so read on) And if you're planning to bring your mom for a treat, I believe this is gonna be perfect! 

 Thank you for leaving a seat for me! Hehehe (I forgot to bring the card back to paste on my journal T-T) The garlic bread is awesome btw, especially with the mushroom sauce provided ;) And when this happens, of course you need to take some typical flatlay rightt HAHAHA or probably it's just me. 

Huge huge fan of flower tea! I love the flowery tea taste but then again if you wish to have it sweet, they even prepared honey for you to add in. :D Only RM8.90 for this and it's refillable!! If I'm correct, there's Rose tea, Very Berry-Berry tea and also Classic Flower tea, which is this. 

And it's time for the main course!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

@ RM49.90 for members (RM59.90 for non members)

When they placed this on the table the first thing that I screamed for was the SOUP!!! If you know me well enough, or if you went to a food review with soup with me.. You know how much I love chicken soup LOL, or any soup at all.  (Spot Carinn from the gif :p) 

This is the FAMILY PLATTER @ RM59.90 for non-members while for members it's RM49.90 for 3-4pax. On top it's the Herbal Chicken Soup (which i gaodim most of it because it was so good heh heh) 
While the sides, there are Stir Fried Dried Chili Clam (1) , Shrimp Scrambled Egg (2), Mongolian Fish (3) and Broccoli and Cauliflower Mix Vege (4) with 4 white rice served with the platter. This is perfect because you know how this could eliminate the hassle for moms to cook homecooked dishes when this can make do for it! 

After that, we had a piece of cake each to try out one of cake in the menu. Which I believe this is called Heart of Love. Promise last few pieces of cake k I know I have to go on diet lol. But how to when it's chocolate + cake. This is so yummy!

 Well of course, they have various types of cakes for you to choose - if you wanna order a cake for Mother's Day, or any occasion at all, they have it for you. You can even customize to print your pictures on the cake's chocolate piece if you preorder them. Picture above one of the few cakes that are on the list and on display are Mother's Day and also Father's Day series so if you wish to order for both of your parents, you can do so! :)

Saw some of the other tables customized their cake with their own picture printings on top - which is pretty cool. I've always wanted something like this on my cake since young. While our table, we did not customize anything while the rest did and we were like "Eh look at their cake?!?!?!" LOL #thejakungang Such a beautiful cake isn't it? :'D 

On that day itself, mummies were given flowers from their children to express their gratitude throughout these years. Some even burst into tears. So sorry that I got too carried away with the main course - this was a mini surprise that started it all. :) They were all given a mini present by SDS too!

Us in return, thank you SDS for inviting us to experience all these! Other than these yummy food, we made new friends + mini gathering and also witnessed some really happy times among the same space. (Plus, I REALLY REALLY loved the soup!) 

With A-Li again!


Oh and for you people who are visiting Jusco/Fanpekka...

Take a picture with A-Li whenever you see him walking around and post em selfies up on SDS' Facebook page (which I will them down below) and you get a chance to win Fanpekka Family One Day Admission Pass (2 Adult 2 Children) PLUS SDS Fun Dining Session worth RM250 per family! Since Father's Day is coming soon in June, why not have it a go? Plus A-Li is so cute. :D (Still couldn't have his expression even after gazillion tries)

I really hope you get to enjoy these with your family. 
Happy Mother's Day and Happy Father's Day in advance! 
[They'll be serving the Family Platter from 1st May to 30th June 2017]

SDS Bakery & Cafe / Fanpekka Cafe
Aeon Tebrau City
Lot S102, Second Floor 

Till then, stay happy and well!

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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Kosé Lip Gel Magic

Hello everyoneeee! ♥ I know I know, I shall stop doing this hiatus thing to my blog urgh but I'm back with another tried and tested product that I feel the need to share this is too strong, for people who loves cream lipstick. READ TILL THE END KAY YOU WON'T REGRET KNOWING THIS GIRLLLLSS

Kosé Lip Gel Magic 

What is Kosé Lip Gel Magic? 
 It's a translucid gel that coats your cream lipstick on your lips to prevent it from smudging
 Stain proof, does not remove lipstick after eating or wiping your mouth 

I've tried it out when I gotten it, it totally blown my mind because I did not expect it to work sooooo well! Plus I was just trying it out casually so my face just went " :OOOO " Why Japanese so pandai one! And of course, good things are meant to be shared ;) Apparently this is highly raved in Japan, I can see why. Plus you can get it right here in Malaysia, I don't see why not! 

Like a little potion bottle, this magic lip gel comes in a small tube bottle. :) I love how it's so small, best for travelling! Its approximately the same size as the lipstick, so no worries about having to put up too much space in your makeup bag for the rest of the essentials! 

                                        How to apply?                                        

First ■ Apply the cream lipstick of your choice 
Here, I applied Esprique's lippie in Shade BR390 and imma loveeee it! I love cream lipsticks over the liquid ones as they are easier to blend and it is not as drying as liquid ones will. However the only problem is they smudge and go off easily. 

Second ■ Shake the Lip Gel Magic bottle well 
You won't wanna miss all the goodness in this little potion bottle, so make sure to shake the bottle well before use, let everything set in and let the magic work. 

Third ■ Squeeze a small amount of Lip Gel Magic 
Trust me, just a little amount will do, enough to apply, but if you find it insufficient just squeeze a little out will do! You can save the rest of the amount to use more for other times.

Fourth ■ Apply/Coat Lip Gel Magic onto your lips
Apply gently on your lips, it will not be drying nor crack so no worries! Just apply it and let it work. 

                                        Testing Time                                        
And now it's time to show you guys the magic! There are two things girls worry about when they apply cream lipsticks + when they have to eat, 1. Having to smudge their lippie when they eat 2. Wiping their mouth after, so there are two tests done to show if they are really smudge-proof or not! 

Test 1 ■ Drinking from a cup 
Fair enough, Kosé sent me these to try it out too, thank you for the pretty cup and the instant coffee!!!

FYI : I applied the Lip Gel Magic half of my lips to show you guys the difference and also if it really works with and without.
LIKE OMG?!?!?! Can you see like how it literally just did not smudge at all while the other side without the Lip Gel Magic just smudged on the cup like asdfghjkl. I couldn't believe that it worked so well either, eventhough it was the second time trying. 

Test 2 ■ Tissue Paper/Wiping it Off
Usually after eating, we would usually try to wipe the sides hoping it doesn't wipe off the lipstick as well. But no avail most of the time. But this time, testing off with the same application for the first test and see if it smudges on the tissue paper.

Once again, big difference on the lips!!!!! Ohmygodddd and I'm sorry, I should test it by literally wiping it off than showing you guys like this because it may be hard to show the results, but hey this is sufficient isn't it? 

It's just amazing that NOTHING came off like WHUTTTT, that is why I'm so in love with this and definitely apply this everything I use a cream lippie! ♥♥

Highly Recommended √
The wholeeee blog post I'm just really hyped out about this I'm truly sorry, but this is really worth it if you tend to have problems having your lipstick smudge. Sometimes during important events, it's important to have your lipstick on and ensuring that it stays, this would be perfect. PLUS if you're only prone to using cream lippies because you have sensitive lips, this is good to go too. As this is applicable only after that applying your lipstick, I don't see that it brings any harm to your lips/body as well, we're applying lipstick to being with..

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! 
Till then, :) 

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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Customizing Tee with RKTEESHIRT :D

Meow~ (Shall be the new hello from me) 
If you know me or seen me in uni/ wherever it is. I'm always wearing tees and shorts, probably long pants. But nothing else other than tee. No stripes, off-shoulder however you call it O_O So this is probably one of my fave thing that I'm gonna show you because I really love tshirts. No matter if it's plain or not, especially when I get free tees from attending events (Ooops #sorrynotsorry) 

Just got to know that RK Tee Shirt is having a deal where you can customize your tees, including the words you want, patterns, colours and even the designs on the wording itself! Pretty much my kind of thing LOLOL. They've been doing customization for customers from the beginning but this time with more patterns - with designs you might even want to customize for your new CNY shirt! :P New year new shirt mah rightttt. 

Okay, so now I'm going to show you how my tshirt looks like :D

Let me ber-macam yes for awhile kay?! 
For the front, I chose a cat face (since I've been meow-ing all day long, even my friends tak boleh tahan) and my shirt is in pink! It may not seem visible here :)

There are other designs to choose from other than just cats. Like I have mentioned, there are various of designs (12 zodiac animals, and you can request others if you want to) and tada, there you go. 

I apologize for my super crumpled tee o_o As I went for class before taking this picture, then somehow something happened HAHA I IRONED MY SHIRT OKAY. That aside, I customized my name and number at the back and yes, YOU CAN EVEN CUSTOMIZE THE DESIGNS ON THAT.

[clearer pictures here] 
Choose the name and numbers that you want, for me i chose POTATOLYN (don't even ask HAHA) and number 15, with the design I chose which is CAT! Reasons why I chose this was 1) It's cats 2) It's purrrrfecttttt for CNY because it's Lucky Cat! :D So if you wanna order, make sure you make yours fasttttt.

RK TEE caters a variety of designs for you to choose from, for : 
1) Designs on the front 
2) Numbers at the back
3) Designs for the words behind 
4) Colours for your tshirt!

But before you decide on which designs to go for, do think carefully if the fonts are visible and compatible to your shirt colour. Let's say if your shirt is white and the font is coincidentally white, then you may have to reconsider. :P But fret not, feel free to contact RK Tee for assistance. 

CONTACT : 0162864388 (Richard)

I would like to thank my uni for having such a nice place for pictures, and my friend's phone and thank you for your patience. Happy CNY in advance! :D


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Thursday, 29 December 2016


This is WAY past 30 days after I've posted about the Realash Opening and promised to post about my results after 30 days of using, and here you go.

Previously I've blogged an unboxing post of the Realash products and a video on the application which you can read it here!.

First of all, I apologize for the delay - I had a few personal problems while trying the products such as forgetting to bring it back to hometown for the test, my camera wasn't working, test and assignments one after another.... But I had everything prepared and NOW I'm done with the review & I'm soooo excited to share with you guys, especially when you need eyebrows and eyelashes fix like me. 

Just a mini intro once again of the products, REALASH Eyelash Enhancer is made with all natural ingredients to make your lashes stronger and longer! REALASH Brow Conditioner of course, it's made with all natural ingredients to let you grow fuller brows - and be rest assured that they're safe to use! 

I'll be showing you all the Before and After pictures of my eyelashes and eyebrows after using them.

I'm sorry for the really not proper picture - one major reason I had to delay this post TT As you can see, the BEFORE picture, my lashes were lesser though yes, I have lashes. But as you compare to the AFTER picture, you can see the difference of having my lashes even fuller and healthier :D
As for my brows, I know I memang have brows as well -___- but for the AFTER brows, my brows are even now, at least it's normal looking not like a patch of grass. hehehe. 

After using REALASH Eyelash Enhancer for a month, I would say if I have not taken pictures of my lashes I wouldn't tell the difference on the length but WOW you can see the difference through the pictures rights? BUT one thing that I really must emphasize on that is my lashes are really stronger than before. I used to have lashes dropping off, poking my eyeballs then I have to try to take them out from my eyes then it goes red.. Urgh. But no more :D I have really sensitive eyes so I'm thankful that I'm able to solve this mini problem.

After using REALASH Brow Conditioner for a month, IT REALLY WORKS WONDERS ON ME. I used to have a patch at both sides of my eyebrows then the end of my eyebrows are empty.. So i somehow looked pretty funny and I had to make sure I draw my brows before I go out. The improvements are slow, of course you cant see it after a week, you have to use it consistently. I didn't actually went really attentive on the progress, I just made sure I used it everyday and tada, results are amazing!

This is based on my real opinions on these products and I really really love them so I'll keep using them :D If you would like to purchase them, you can get them from here at

Hope you enjoyed reading this! 

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