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Sunday, 22 April 2018

3-Step-Skincare with Bare Essentials ; The Gossip Is Out! - Review

When you read the title, most of you have probably guessed what the gossip is about. #girlsbeinggirls that we’re always updated with gossips, no doubt. ;) I’m honoured to be one part of the group to share the gossip this time around!

It’s only best when the gossip is juicy and worth knowing, then it’s worth sharing.

Althea has always been my staple supply of skincare products when they cater so many different brands while keeping the prices really low also with brands that are hard to find in Malaysia. Now that they came out with their own Bare Essentials, it’s definitely a must to try :)

There were words saying that to keep your skin youthful always, you have to first take care of your skin with a proper routine. For a lazy person like me, the most that I would do after removing my makeup is the normal cleansing, toner and moisturise. Sometimes maybe a mask if I really need to because I'm a #lazypotato while I’ve seen people with 5-10 products in their routine and it caught me off-guard thinking, I probably need to do more about it. :/

However it has been like this with me for years, and what I feel is essential would be the cleansing, removing makeup the proper way that will enhance the skincare even more.

Althea’s Bare Essentials skincare is focusing on keeping skincare routine minimal while giving maximum results, leaving your skin looking glowy and beautiful. It’s essential that you have a skincare routine, hence you can leave it minimal and bare with the correct products. :) They’re also working on curating perfect complexion that it lessens your needs of applying more makeup to cover your perfect skin.

When I first saw the packaging of Bare Essentials, I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I love things that look simple yet ecstatically beautiful. As they want to keep the skincare routine minimal, there are only 3 products required to restore the glow and freshness of your skin – cleansing, toning then moisturize your skin.

1.      The Contour Cleanser – RM23
Content: 150g – Ice Plant and detoxifying Lemon Myrtle extract, densely filled with microcapsules in it which will help in cleansing, exfoliating and detoxifying the skin.
What’s so different about this product that it promotes better blood circulation, reduce swelling and bloating on the skin (?) It just sounded really special to me, as I’ve never really realized if my face shape could be refined by cleansing my face.

Works: The ice plant ingredient in this really gave a mild minty effect which I LOVE. The scent of it smells very fresh like a forest (is this a good description) and I love the bits in it that helps to scrub my face and yet doesn't overdo it. 
However, I'm not so sure about contouring my face. It probably does its job but I have to observe longer. Even if it doesn't give me a contouring effect, I love it enough to continue using it every day to cleanse my face thoroughly. 

2.      The Primer Water
Content: 200ml – made with Snow Lotus extract and contains patented dewdrops technology. It has been said to help fill the gaps between pores while promoting hydration within the deep layers of the skin

Toner is definitely my favorite step in the routine, as it keeps the refreshing feeling on the skin and also helping my skin to breathe better. I’ve always believed that the perfect toner will definitely make huge changes and enhances the natural glow of the skin.

Works: The gel-like texture toner is always my favourite in comparison to any water-based toner, especially in the morning when I feel an extra texture to my skin. Some gel-like ones could feel a little tacky but this absorbs really quickly before I slap on the layer of cream on top of it. Not to mention that it also smells really refreshing and I believe that I've been some changes in skin texture after using this. My pores are usually really hard to be minimised, but I sure hope that it did fill in the gaps between my pores so, in the long run, it does get better!

3.      The Fixer Cream 
Content: 50g – contains Trehalose (an ingredient found in cactus), Camellia Sinensis (green tea) seed oil, and also Baobab tree extracts.

It has made to be ultra nourishing while keeping the formula that absorbs quickly into the skin, without having to leave stickiness on the skin which has been my concern from a few moisturizers that I’ve used before. The Baobab tree extract also helps in regenerating collagen on skin that promotes youthful and radiant skin.

Works: This is definitely my favourite part of the routine!! Especially when I don't have to apply makeup after, I love the texture of this and how it gets absorbed into my skin. I always dab like a nice amount on my cheeks, a few points on my face then start applying it. I definitely see the difference with this product. It brightened up my skin a lot than before. 

Will I restock this again: YES!

The price point at RM116 for a full skincare range, it ranges lower than the usual skincare products that I used to purchase before this. In addition to facial wash, toner, emulsion, and moisturizer that could easily be more than two hundred bucks in total. Althea is also currently giving out 10% off additionally with a free special edition mirror if you make your purchase now. :)
Get your products now at

#AltheaKorea #AltheaBE #AltheaBareEssentials #BareEssentials  
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Sunday, 18 February 2018

A little update - A new journey

Anddd all you have ever heard about me in my previous blog posts are about me being too busy with semester stuff, finals, events and so on without having much time to travel and blablabla.. With this post I would like to change the flow for abit :D

For the past few months I’ve always been on the move – Because the way we see things are always different from time to time but it’s not necessarily a bad thing to have changes. We see things in a clearer view, different perspectives and we feed our brains with more “food” to grow.

If you’re my friend, you’ll probably know by now that I’ve been travelling to Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh for internship and that is probably by far the best choice I’ve ever made to finish my internship in a foreign place. It may seems very surreal for me still, but I’m ever loving HCM from time to time now even though I just spent 10 days here, and another 2 months plus after this before I return back to my homeland, Malaysia. :)  

Just a little update on Vietnam that, the reason why I’ve been spamming little snippets of HCM on my instastory is to show how little did we know about Vietnam. Let me just start off myself that, before I even travelled to Vietnam I did not expect how much I would get used to living in Vietnam for these 3 months. All I had in my mind was “Am I gonna survive there alone” lolol because I’m a pretty timid person that it was just really something different for my own experience.

Then my friends told me they would like me to be the tour guide in Vietnam if they ever come here and I’ll have to make sure I know those routes and all the good food here, cheap accommodation that are within their budget.

Just to mention that the tickets to HCM from Malaysia is super cheap tbh plus it’s like two hours flight from Malaysia only. Plus, Traveloka is having promotion now where you can go check it out for yourself. You can click here to check it out and also here for Air Asia promos - because I wanted to travel off to Hanoi/Danang/Nha Trang and other places after my internship hence I stumbled upon Traveloka. Then realizing how cheap it is to book from here somemore I don’t even have to go to the shop and settle my tickets.. ._. Traveloka will filter straight which flight is the cheapest at your designated dates and you can choose at your own ease. Don’t even have to think twice because the platform already settle for you :P Air Asia having promotions now too, and you know how crazy Air Asia always is with discounted prices for flight tickets… OH and you can also compare hotel prices on Traveloka. Super convenient cannnn ;_;

So far, I’m indeed loving Vietnam so much. Everyone that I met here are nothing but helpful, kind and I’m so thankful for that. The food here is awesomeee and the places I’ve been are just plain beautiful. Probably what we see is just the roads with bad traffic but they don’t actually find it bad here at all. I got to experience riding on the bikes here since my local friend said “if you’ve never road on the bike in HCM, it’s like you’ve never been here before” – when I’m so afraid on riding bikes back in Malaysia lolol.

So, thanks guys. Just an update, I’m surviving very well here. XD
I’ll be updating more of HCM’s delicacies and also places to go so stay tuned. ;)

The only thing I can update of Vietnam is Ho Chi Minh and there’s so many other places to explore after my internship. Some things that I’ve learnt over the past few months that – we’ll never learn if we just stop at one point and stop improving ourselves. Never settle, keep moving on. 
I’m eternally grateful that I’ve always given the chance to improve and see the world more on my own than just seeing it on the screens. Experiencing it yourself is definitely way surreal than just reading how people explain of a place by words.

So yeah to see more of HCM, I’ll be updating more after CNY. Have a happy new year! :D
Once again, if you ever plan on travelling check out Traveloka. Dah lah siap compare prices for flight tickets, hotels. Just book them and you’re ready to explore a new place on your own!
Hope you enjoyed reading this post.


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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Get 'Em Beautiful Flowers! - @hansnaomifloral

Hello hello! Hope this post comes in time. Well it'll always be a good time for some flowers.. Well you see, graduation day is coming for TARUC friends, which you can start ordering now to celebrate with your friends! I was given a bouquet of flowers (so really pretty i kenot) and you can actually customize the notes that you wanna add on the flowers, so does not necessarily have to be for graduation.

Look at them pretty pretty flowers!

Plus, Valentine's Day is coming. *cues the ah girls' ah boys* Hans and Naomi Floral offers affordable bouquet prices for students and it'll definitely be in your budget. You can even buy one for yourself if you don't have a partner, sometimes we need some flowers to cheer ourselves don't you think? ;) *cries at the corner 

Jokes aside, Hans and Naomi Floral offers : 
  • RM55 for this bouquet - it's really an affordable price as it's specially done. It's normal that the price hikes up during Valentines season but this price is definitely worth what you're gonna get :)
  • Can be pre-ordered to prevent delay / unable to get pretty flowers. Hans and Naomi Floral ensures the quality of the flowers before you receive them so no worries on that!
  • You can also check out their instagram page at for other bouquets and price range is from RM45-68! You can even get the broccoli one from them too then they can cook it when they're home hahahaha

 Look how cute the broccoli one is!

You can customize your notes with the bouquet you order! 

And there here's me with my bouquet ;

Not really a flower type of girl but this bouquet is beautifull

Werking my RBF once again. XD 

For more details do not hesitate to contact : 

Hans and Naomi Floral 
H/P : +60109283159

Hope you enjoyed this mini post! 

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Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Enchanting Snowfall at AEON MALL Bandar Dato' Onn

Hello everyoneee! Once again I am back after a tough, busy semester. I'm in my last year hence the busy schedule. Finally there's time for me post up a little fun for you guys before I go back to my cave for the second wave - finals T-T Travelling has always been something that is on my list of things to do this semester yet I only managed to do short mini trips in own country, not overseas for the time being. I'm pretty sure you with busy schedules would find it hard to make do time to travel as well. 

This is me looking perfectly normal at first (you'll see why :p) 
with the courtesy of the uber cute bear placed RIGHT in the middle taking all my limelight ehhhh. 
Oh and this is the very first outdoor real snowfall in Malaysia that is proudly presented by AEON MALL. 

One of the events that I attended in JB, special shoutout to AEON MALL for preparing this amazing experience of snowfall right in Johor Bahru that if you're yearning to travel overseas to enjoy snow, you can do so right at home for now. ;) see how excited these kids were (and we were at the side waiting for our turn be like lol can give us the snow first instead) XD

I missed experiencing snowfall in Korea (yearssss back) and I've almost forgotten the awesome cold feeling I have felt. It was so funny that I wasn't feeling prepared to be drenched in real snow as I totally did not expect to have so much of ice!

Plus, it was raining by then that it somehow enhanced the feeling of snow even more, it was freaking cold! XD Nevertheless, they'll pause the event if there's raining issues as they do not want you to get sick under the weather. It was still cold without the rain! Most of the time when it involves "snow" it somehow links to lathered soap and it's gonna be a total mess whereas they do it differently by giving you REAL ICE. A few friends that have questioned me on instastory, here's another proper answer for you! ;)

Legit had to buy new shirt to wear after, because I wasn't prepared for the snow as well. HAHAHA 
 I had to walk in to HM just to get another shirt after that event lolol. So ya see, it's real ice that melts ;) If you're going, just make sure you're well prepared with raincoat/ waterproof jackets/ shower cap but it was really fun just being showered with ice haha!
FYI, I wore two shirts that day o_o

Which is what makes it so special, that they used actual ice instead of faking it with just soap. 
Thank you Carinn and Shalinn for accompanying me throughout the event. It was fun enjoying the snow with you girls :D 

You don't wanna miss out the events hence these are the following dates where the respective AEON MALL will be having this experience : To know more about the events, please check out their Facebook pages for more details and make sure to "Like" them in case you missed out any important messages! ;)

20th, 21st, 27th, 28th Jaunary (Sat & Sun)

Theme: Neon Lights Deco + Enchanting Snowfall

3rd, 4th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 18th February (Sat & Sun, Fri- Sun)
Theme: Harbin Ice Deco + Enchanting Snowfall

23rd, 24th, 25th February (Fri-Sun)
Theme: Harbin Ice Deco + Enchanting Snowfall

Oh and to mention there are also other event on the same day but night time 7-9pm where you get to experience Junior Fun Snow Hunt activity - for little kids to hunt and find treasures in the snow. Whereas for us adults, it's totally insta-worthy as the lights are really beautiful at night! :)

Photo credits : (Carinn) / Shalinn 
Thank you girls!

I hope you enjoy reading this post!



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Monday, 9 October 2017

Simbae : Care For Your Furkids - Long Haired Series [REVIEW]


(Me making my dog as the model hehe) 
FINALLY I'm up with another review that it has been going on for a test quite some time now. I've made a review on Simbae's products before which you can check it out here 
I've always been Simbae's products supporter as I have sooo many furkids at home, choosing the right shampoo for your dogs are very important as they have different skin types. Shampoos that are not suitable will take a toll on the dogs' skin, and result in shedding even more and we as humans, have to take more responsibility in sweeping the floor full of fur! 

Hence, right shampoo will let the babies feel comfortable and also lessen our burden in return. Simbae's shampoos have been my choice ever since I was told about it (not to mention it smells soooo good!), and they are assured safe for all skin types for dogs and also cats. :) 

Simbae has been established for quite some time now (since year 1974). They have been improving constantly on the formulas and their website to provide even better services. Simbae has a few different types of products that is suitable for both DOGS and CATS! 
They provide different types of shampoo, conditioner, cleaning supplies to cater different types of skin, fur and so on. 

Little did I know my dogs have different skin types, only after I realised shampoo selection is very essential. You can read more about my dogs' skin types on my previous blog post as well here!
This time, Simbae came out with a lot of different products and also some amazing updates on their page which I will sharing up here :) 

As I reviewed on the Fabulous Fur Pack the previous time, this time is on the Long Haired Series

What I received from the Long Haired Series

From Left ; [Click on the names to direct yourself to the product's page!]
Simbae's Long Haired Conditioner : It's a spray that helps soften the fur and also allows them to feel comfortable and clean at all times. Some dogs hates to bathe and when you accidentally forgot to shower them/ to busy to do so, just spray this on their fur and brush it nicely. It acts like our human's dry shampoo in comparison. XD 

Simbae's Long Haired Detangler : No doubt, dogs/cats with longer fur tend to tangle up sometimes. Especially my poodle baby, her fur is curly hence it gets tangled up easily. This will ease the work of combing their fur as it will help to detangle without having to trim them all the time. Spray in while bathing them or after! 

Simbae's Long Haired Shampoo : All time fave for the dogs! Because it smells so good and it's safe for all skin types. (If your dog has really sensitive skin, they have a range for sensitive skin as well!) My Schnauzer + Poodle mix breed baby stopped using medicated shampoo after changing their shampoo to this, and they smell soooooo good all the time. :D
They also have it in different scent like Lemon Orchard and Spring Garden! 

Simbae's Surface Sanitiser : This is not to groom the babies but to ensure that the environment is clean! If you're a dog owner yourself, you know how sometimes they tend to misbehave even if they're toilet trained. Still.. Mishap could happen. This gives out a really lovely scent and it is also to ensure that they don't go back to the same 'spot' after spraying. Keep your place conducive for both furkids and humans. :)  

As I've went through the same process and the products work equally well on my furkids compared to the Fabulous Fur series, let me just emphasize on one of my furkid who has more problems on the fur and skin. :) 

This is Bear Bear. She's a Schnauzer + Poodle mix and she's the weirdest because she's sweats. (Like seriously, we never knew dogs could sweat until we met this girl here HAHA) hence she tend to scratch alot, her skin has injuries everywhere like we abused her but she did it herself -__- She lovesss rubbing against the wall and the floor so she gets yellowish very fast. Like, literally yellow and her fur gets tacky. 

Sometimes even medicated shampoo doesnt work on her as it doesn't solve the exact problem that she has on her skin. So it might even get worse sometimes. We changed ways to use Simbae's Long Haired Shampoo to bathe her, and only apply medicine on her separately. 

It took months to see this result. Her skin is visibly cleaner and better compared to before. And this is her after bathing with Long Haired Shampoo and  Long Haired Conditioner. She'll still scratch but at least it's milder than before. As my mom is always the one who bathes her, she told me she really loved using Simbae products on her. 

In addition to that, my mom said she'll prefer using Simbae's Long Haired Shampoo over the medicated shampoos on her because it's way cheaper than those that she got especially for Bear Bear. At least now she could use the same shampoo on all my other furkids as well and treat Bear Bear's wound externally. Simbae's products contain aloe vera to sooth the itch, vitamin E and vitamin B5 hence explains why Bear's skin is showing obvious results :) 


Wish to purchase Simbae's product? 
Get them from :
You can also click on the individual links added above :)

Thank you so much for reading and I hope this helps you to find the perfect shampoo and products for your furkids!

[Just a quick shoutout] 
How much I love that whenever you purchase a Simbae product, USD 2 goes into charity. Help them out and save more furkids in need!

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Sunday, 24 September 2017

September Routine with FYN Professional

Here comes another post-exam blog post to complain on how much my skin was dreading me - be it the dark complexion and the huge lots of blackhead beads protruding on my nose and chin. Even if you're getting enough rest during exams, it's inevitable to say that you spend lesser time in caring about how you look during your exams. 

Most of the time even during exams, I tend to put a little extra effort to put on a little something just so that I don't look dead during exams. Like how my friend would say, to "boost" your confidence a little by putting makeup because you feel better during exams. The logic behind it is legit real hahaha. 

So, just in time for me to try out FYN Professional products while I was at it! Thank you for the test that I was able to hold with the products that I have received. :)

What I've got :

Radiance Enhancing Set - RM79
(Includes Radiance Enhancing Cream + Radiance Enhancing Cleanser)

F.Y.N Professional MicroFiber Face Towel in Pink - RM28

EXTRA INFORMATION : FYN Professional's products are formulated without paraben, artificial colouring and fragrances. For more information, you can check it out on their website (HERE)

So this is how my routine starts.

          #Step 1          

When I get back from uni or even when I'm going off to uni, I'll wipe my face clean with FYN's Professional MicroFiber Face Towel first to remove excessive makeup or dirt on my face. Even when you did not apply any makeup, your skin is prone to have dirt and dust sticking on your face. No harm cleaning. PLUS, your skin will feel so refreshed after.

What I'll do is to wet the towel with lukewarm water, then start wiping off the makeup on face in circular motion and upwards. If you're having thick makeup, I would suggest to wipe your face with remover for those that are waterproof (for instance, matte lipstick / liquid eyeliner) then you can start wiping your face entirely.
Also - if you're worried that it might not remove all your makeup, you can check it by removing again with makeup remover. So far, I've been wearing light makeup and it did removed entirely. So it depends on how much makeup you put on. :)

          #Step 2          

After we're done cleaning our face, it's time for a mandatory double-cleanse. Steps are easy, just lather with water and wash your face. Then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

The texture is gel like, and I've never seen a facial wash that is yellow hahaha. The scent is mild, perfect if you do not like overwhelming scented facial wash.

          #Step 3          
Wipe face clean with face towel after Step 2, then it's time to protect our skin. I was told that the Radiance Enhancing Cream was okay to be applied straight after cleansing, with or without toner. But I am used to my routine therefore, I did use my own toner before applying on the Radiance Enhancing Cream.

Because the cream is very mattifying for me as I have dry skin, so its best to have a layer of toner absorbed on the skin before settling the cream in.

I loveeeeeee this Radiance Enhancing Cream as it definitely saved me on days where I am too lazy to wear any makeup out, this does as what it has been told to do - enhance and provide radiance on skin. Somehow it's a little too whitening at the beginning, but after it sets it looks alright on the skin. :) I prefer to use this in the day than night.

So this is what that has saved me from my usual dull skin. Thank you FYN Professional for this!

Get their products from 

I hope you enjoyed this mini review and thank you for reading. :)

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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Jonlivia - Unisex Phiro Back Support

Hello everyone! Welcome back to the Part Two of Jonlivia's products. Previously I have reviewed their products on their Long Active Hot Pants and also Slimmer Shirt Shaper which you can read it from here. While this part, it is going to be solely on the Phiro Back Support. 

The main reason why I'm keeping this as Part Two because I have a lot to say about this product, and my condition that I would like to share that relates to Phiro Back Support and how did it helped me physically. 

//My Condition// 
If you know my personally or noticed the way I walk ( :O ) , you'll notice that I hunch really badly. I guess most people would've noticed it because it's really obvious. Sometimes when I try to pose for pictures, I would unknowingly hunch and it would look really horrible. Here are some of the examples. 
Then the photographer, whoever that is have to tell me to stand straight then I'll feel bad because they had to take more pictures for me. Thank you friends for your patience T-T Some even said I walk like a zombie (lol whut)
I think the major reason why I hunch is because I sit down very often and I find myself changing positions the way I sit down, causing me to hunch even more. Time after time, my hunching became worse and now it's causing me more than just hunching. Sometimes, when I stand up too long, it'll tend to hurt too.

//Why is it REALLY bad to hunch?// 
Other than looking bad in pictures, it's hurting me physically. 

1. If I sit down too long, my back will start to hurt really bad even when I tried to sit up straight. My back will not get used to it then it'll hurt like crazy and I need counterpain almost everyday to massage and ease the pain. 
2. When I go to gym and do some warm ups, YES JUST WARMING UP that involves my back, it'll hurt and I'll go crying on the floor and my friends would just stare not knowing what to say nor how to help ;_; because it's my personal problem. I can't even do some warm ups because my back can't handle them.. 
3. It's really not comfortable to sit for too long, even though I have to sometimes. I can't even sit on the floor for too long because I'll hunch unknowingly, then I'll have problem number 1 arising again. 

Wow I sounded like an ahma, but that's how I lived having hunchback. The problems are more than just that three I mentioned. Plus, if I stay hunchback this way, it's gonna take a toll on me when I grow older. Then I'll live with my back REALLY hunched. Like a few grannies that I met, physically unable to do alot of things because it'll hurt really bad. :(
And how do I feel better? The only way is to lie down on the bed straight, let the pain sets in feel the comfort after, of finally having a support to my back. It'll hurt to lie down at first, but that's the only time my back is really straight.. :(

Therefore, I really thought I should give it a try to Phiro Back Support. Plus, I really loved the Hot Pants that they have which you can see the reviews here

//First Impression on the Phiro Back Support//
It looks promising as the back part has some sort of material to straighten your back, which I love. After trying to put it on for the first time, I really liked it! The difference before you wear and after is visible and instant. I like how it keeps me sitting straight the whole time, as I have a really bad habit of having my legs folded, at some really weird positions that is going to cause more problems for my back because bad posture. So I feel more disciplined with this.

//How to Wear//
(watch the GIFs :D)

1. Put on the Jonlivia Phiro Back Support and extend the wide waist band and pull down and below waist and attach the wide waist band.

2. Extend the smaller adjuster and pull until the tightness is suitable for you and attach the smaller adjuster then you're good to go!

Or you can watch it from here :


For the 1st-2nd week 
For the first two weeks of trying the Phiro Back, I felt more disciplined. Because most of the time I was on my laptop and I had to sit a lot. So for the first two hours of me sitting down, I would wear this on to support to my back and to "remind" myself that I have to sit straight and so my legs won't misbehave and putting myself in a bad posture. After two hours of wearing, I would be very conscious that I have to sit straight but let's say if I start to hunch again, I would wear it again for like a good 30 minutes to 1 hour as the recommended time is30 minutes a day (but I always go more than that because more is more :p).

I do feel a tinge of pain on my back at times, but it's fine because at least I know it is somehow "straightening" my back for me. I really love how it supports my back really nice and I feel really comfortable whenever I wear it. I was told that it would also keep my tummy in lol. The only down part is that it will make my back sweat. 

I didn't see much changes on my back, but it really did help me to be more conscious when I walk that I'll try not to hunch. Sometimes my bag is too heavy that I tend to slouch sometimes.

For the 3rd-4th week
I did stop a few days because I wasn't home for the whole day but I would wear it when I can. It requires discipline when you wear this Phiro Back Support and you'll see improvement. Slow, but there's definitely a difference. There are days that I did not wear, I tend to slouch too. Then I'll have my friends to remind me not to slouch.

I may have relied on this support alot that without it I would slack a little. But it's all about the consistency of using it. After awhile I did use it and when wear it when I'm exercising. Doing back exercises while wearing the back support will enhance the improvement on your back even better.For me, I can see that my back is getting straighter a little. I might still hunch alot but there is improvement that I can see it for myself. So I will wear it more consistently to see better results.

After all, this product requires consistency and discipline. You'll have to keep wearing it until you get the result that you want.

//Where to Purchase//
You can get it from Jonlivia's official page and click here to link yourself directly to the page. It is now priced RM199 but they have promotion now so make sure you check it out! It is their best selling back support and you can read the reviews of their products on their page too.

Thank you Jonlivia for bringing in these for us!

And I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I also hope that it helps. :)

Till then, E.  

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